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Dr Ruth Glynne-Owen

Creator of Play2Talk

Dr Ruth has been working in the field of early years and special education for over 20 years. Qualifying as a Montessori Teacher after her first degree, she worked across early years settings and primary schools in Ireland before returning to the UK to complete her PGCE (Early Years).

After a number of years teaching in mainstream and special needs provisions in London, Newcastle and Edinburgh, Dr Ruth set up the Blue Sky Autism Project in Stirling, Scotland in 2010 as a charity providing specialist early intervention to young children with social communication and/ or developmental delays. This was the first centre of it’s kind in the UK to offer ESDM and PRT based programmes for children aged 0-5.

Dr Ruth was the first professional in the UK to complete her ESDM advanced practitioner training in 2010, under the guidance of Professor Sally Rogers at the MIND Institute. She then went on to complete DIR Floortime training, alongside certification in PRT (Pivotal Response Therapy).

Having undertaken an MA in Autism and Education looking specifically at play and drama based therapeutic interventions for children with ASD, Dr Ruth went on to complete her Doctorate in Education in 2017 at The University of Edinburgh. The focus of her thesis was to analyse the impact that access to early intervention may have on parent perceptions of and aspirations for their newly diagnosed child with Autism. The study looked at the differences between parents based in Central Scotland and parents based in Massachusetts. The overwhelming conclusion was that families who had access to evidence based early intervention programmes in the USA felt much better supported than those in the Central Scotland group. The thesis was given the title ‘I want to have a path…’ , following on from a quote given by a parent in the Massachusetts group.:

So when you get diagnosis you go to the other extreme…you go to the
other extreme of thinking nothing is like…this huge depression, this
negative thing I guess…and then you …and that’s the period when
your perception of the child, all your sort of thoughts about, you
know, the child’s future…a lot of worry, fear, expectations…it like
feeds on itself, the negativity…then when the services start and things
like that, we start to see some positive improvements and then over
time that sort of…I don’t know if it’s acceptance, it’s partly
acceptance but it’s also seeing ‘yeah there is a path that you can walk
towards, it’s not a dead end.’ It’s a different path, it’s a harder path
but there is a path that you can push along. And for me it’s like ok,
any little opening that you can get we’ll go through that. I want to
have a path.

This quote has always been at the forefront of the work Dr Ruth has undertaken since 2017, and the emphasis on giving families a clear path to follow has been a key part of the development process of the Play2Talk model.

Dr Ruth hopes that Play2Talk will help to bridge the current gap in provision for families of young children with developmental challenges, providing much needed practical strategies and training for parents and caregivers who want to support their child in the very best way possible.

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