Specialist Paediatric Speech and Communication Support

Support Your Toddler’s Speech Through Play!

Why Early Therapy is So Important

Speech delay in toddlers are very common. It is never to early to start supporting your child’s communication skills. Using play based, parent/ caregiver led learning activities, children are given the opportunity to bridge any gaps in their language development early on. Generally, this results in less support being needed as they become older.

The Science

Research has recognised that when identifying early developmental difficulties, the first concern for many parents/ caregivers have are delays with a child’s early communication skills. Play2Talk® is an evidence based, Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention (NDBI) that uses interactive play to support early social communication skills, including speech.

Our Services

We provide direct coaching for parents/caregivers, family members and early years professionals, alongside a comprehensive training programme delivered through our online portal and/ or face to face.

Training and Coaching Services for Families and Professionals

” Play is the highest form of research.”

Albert Einstein

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