A Film About Finding Your Voice

On 25/11/2020 we officially launched Play2Talk on our social media and had an overwhelming response! Part of our launch included a very special premiere of our film, featuring a number of the little superstars that we have supported through our Blue Sky project over the years .

One of the biggest issues we have with current provision in the UK for children who have social communication and/ developmental challenges is that they are written off from an early age. They are regarded from the outset as children who may never learn to talk. For us at Play2Talk, and through our work at our Blue Sky Autism centres, we strongly disagree with this way of working.

It is deeply damaging for families to be told that their 2 year old may never speak. These assertions are wholly grounded in outdated perspectives of autism, and disability more generally. Additionally, by not providing a child with the chance to access well evidenced approaches that have years of research proving their efficacy in developing verbal language , children are being prevented from having a voice.

This is against their basic human rights. The UNCRC Article 13 states :

The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds.”

This is why our approach, and other NDBI models, are so important in giving children the best possible start in life. In supporting the early development of their communication skills, we are ensuring that children have every opportunity to find their words, and be able to express themselves as freely as they can, and smash through those glass ceilings that should never be there in the first place.

“You just say the words out loud and it’s a miracle” Sonny, age 9

Dr Ruth Glynne-Owen

November 2020

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